Structural Editing

Structural Editing is concerned with your argument, your paragraph structure and how the information is presented. This is ‘big picture’ editing. Does the work make sense? Is the argument persuasive? Are the paragraphs in the right order? Does the introduction actually introduce what is discussed? Does the conclusion logically follow from what has been discussed?

Structural editing is a helpful tool for when you’ve been staring at your work for an entire week and just don’t know what you’re trying to say anymore. We’ll bring fresh eyes to your work, assess your argument and make it the best it can be. No matter if it’s an essay, a research paper or if you’re just trying to convince someone you’re a good candidate for marriage. We’ll make sure you have a strong, persuasive argument that flows right through to your convincing conclusion.

We offer turnaround times of one week, 96 hours, 72 hours and our express options of 48 and 24 hours. Therefore, no matter how close you are to a deadline, we’ll make sure you’re submitting well-structured and persuasive work.