Line Editing

Line editing is concerned with the actual writing itself. While proofreading looks at spelling and grammar and structural editing looks at the persuasiveness of argument, line editing looks at how the work is actually written. We will assess whether or not you’re writing in the right voice and the right style. For example, are you taking a light-hearted tone to this cover letter that may not be appropriate? Is this scientific essay full of metaphors and poetic language when it should focus on facts? Has this short story captured unique voices across all of your characters or do they all sound like the same person?

Voice and style are an important part of any piece of work. We’ll make sure the voice and style is right for the genre and give you notes and examples on how to adapt this to make it more appropriate. With fiction, we’ll give notes on the construction of the characters and let you know if they are real, three-dimensional characters or if they may need some more rounding out.

Line editing is an important part of the editing process as it looks at how the work is actually written. We offer turnaround times of 72, 48 and 24 hours. Therefore, no matter how close you are to a deadline, we’ll make sure you’re submitting work with appropriate style and voice.