Full Service

The full service incorporates proofreading, line editing and structural editing all in one service. Below are quick descriptions of each service, all of which can be purchased separately if not all three are needed.

Proofreading: This service checks for grammar and punctuation errors in your work. We’ll pick up all those little things that spell check won’t and make sure your work is error-free.

Line Editing: This service will take into account voice and style. Everyone knows that a short story is written differently from a research paper. We’ll make sure the way each line is written is consistent with what type/genre of work you’re presenting.

Structural Editing: A persuasive and convincing argument isn’t always easy to write, especially when you’ve been staring at it for an entire week. This service will make sure your work flows logically, your argument is convincing and that your introduction and conclusion are doing their jobs.

We offer turnaround times of one week, 96 hours, 72 hours and our express options of 48 and 24 hours. Therefore, no matter how close you are to a deadline, we’ll make sure you’re submitting work that is error-free, written in an appropriate voice and presents a logical and persuasive argument.